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Top rated Unproduced Historical Screenplay by "MovieBytes."

“Exquisite”.  "Overall, the screenplay is a fascinating.  Each character brings something interesting and important to the historical story. In similar vein to works such at ‘The Eagle’ or ‘The Pilgrimmage’, this screenplay could make a dark and gritty but incredibly interesting and valuable historical adventure/drama feature film." Lonely Wolf International Film Festival, London.

One of the script's most attractive qualities is the fact that the writer addresses the displacement and dislocation that many mixed race people have historically felt within the world of the Spanish and their occupation of the "New World". This helps develop thematic threads surrounding identity, home, and family that are still relevant to many people today (NYC Screenwriting Festival, 2021)

This script was a very enjoyable read, dealing with a period in history that is often ignored in favor of Mayflower and Pocahontas mythmaking. Don’t shy away from the history and bigger themes; anyone watching will already be interested.  (Los Angeles International Screenwriting Contest)

The marketability potential of this script is good. It might resonate with a wide target audience out there. Furthermore, this film raises important questions about the causes on the demise of the indigenous people, and their original relationships between these people and the new rulers. All of these aspects are immersed in a dramatic and tense atmosphere in which our protagonist needs to find his home and identity.  (Scriptmatix)

“The premise of the screenplay presents several prominent themes, including the exploration of cultural identity and the clash of different cultures. It delves into the impact of colonial oppression on indigenous communities and the struggle for self-discovery and acceptance. The story carries a powerful message about embracing one's roots and standing against injustice. The themes are delivered subtly through Paco's personal journey and the interactions between characters, allowing the audience to reflect on the complexities of these issues without being overtly didactic.”  (LA  Screenplay Awards)

"The script also [is] saying something about humanity and this was well integrated into the piece and arose out of it organically." (Nicholl Fellowship critique)

The premise for Alta California was interesting - a half indigenous soldier tries to help bring a mission to Santa Barbara without bloodshed. Paco was a relatable protagonist - he’s witnessed the brutality of the Spanish, he questions his beliefs and he tries to save lives. The script plays out a very racist scenario while trying to show the layers of Paco’s identity. (The Nicholl Fellowship critique)

"There is meaning here. There were themes having to do with racism and faith and the nature of both. The script also seemed to be saying something about humanity and this was well integrated into the piece and arose out of it organically."  (The Nicholl Fellowship critique)


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"Your project is now in the Top 2% of discoverable projects on Coverfly"

TOP OFFICIAL WINNER NOMINEE, BEST SCREENPLAY, 2022.  Richmond International Film Festival

AWARD WINNER, Partner in Industry Award. Oaxaca Film Fest., 2018
AWARD WINNER, Toronto’s Film Festival of Time, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and History, 2020. BEST SCRIPT.
AWARD WINNER, Tagore International Film Festival, 2020
AWARD WINNER, Calcutta International Film Festival, 2020.
AWARD WINNER, Prix Royal, 2020.
AWARD WINNER, Diversity Feedback Film Festival and Table Read, 2020
AWARD WINNER, Port Blair International Film Festival, 2020. Best screenplay.

AWARD WINNER, Global Film Festival Monthly Competition, 2020
AWARD WINNER, Mont Blanc International Film Festival, 2020
AWARD WINNER, Madras Independent Film Festival, 2020
AWARD WINNER, Wonderland International Film Festival, 2020
AWARD WINNER, Festival du Film Fantastique de France, 2020
AWARD WINNER, Summer Edition of Point of View Indie Film Awards, 2020.
AWARD WINNER, Best Feature Film, PAMA, 2020
AWARD WINNER, Lonely Wolf (London) International Film Festival, 2020
AWARD WINNER, Global Film Festival (LA), 2020. Best feature.
AWARD WINNER, Best Drama Feature Screenplay, Los Angeles Film Awards, 2020
AWARD WINNER, The Film Club/Lot of Australia, 2021.
AWARD WINNER, Andaman and Nocobar International Film Festival, 2020

--BEST FEATURE SCRIPT, Paris Arts and Movie Awards PAMA, 2020
AWARD WINNER, Indo French International Film Festival, 2020
AWARD WINNER, Kateye International Film Festival, 2020
AWARD WINNER, Five Continents International Film Festival, 2021
AWARD WINNER, Best Feature Script, Goldstar Movie Awards, 2021.
AWARD WINNER, Gold Star Movie Awards, 2021.
AWARD WINNER, Crown Wood International Film Festival, 2021.
AWARD WINNER, Mokkho International Film Festival, 2021
AWARD WINNER, WorldFest Houston International Film Festival, 2021
AWARD WINNER, Depth of Film Field International. 20
AWARD WINNER, Vegas Movie Awards, 2021

AWARD WINNER,  Ciudad de Mexico International Film Festival, 2021

--AWARD WINNER.  Royal Society of Television and Motion Picture Awards.   2021.

--AWARD WINNER.  Pinnacle Film Awards, 2021.

--AWARD WINNER and OURSTANDING FEATURE.  Williamsburg Music and Film Festival, 2021.

--AWARD WINNER and OUTSTANDING FEATURE, Multi Dimension Independent Film Festival, 2021.

--DIAMOND AWARD,BEST SCREENPLAY, Mindfield Film Festival. 2020

--AWARD WINNER.  Golden Lemur Film Festival, 2021.

--AWARD WINNER, Medusa Film Festival, USA 12/31/ 2021

--AWARD WINNER, Ediplay International Film Festival, 1/14/22

--AWARD WINNER, World Film Carnival, Singapore, 1/13/22

--AWARD WINNER, Global Film Market, 1/27/22

--AWARD WINNER.  Fiondecoin.  Independent International Short Film Festival.  Venezuela.  2/9/22

--AWARD WINNER, Austin International Art Festival, 2/25/22

--AWARD WINNER, Berlin Indie Film Festival, 3/14/22

--AWARD WINNER. Screenplay Competition, 3/27/22

--AWARD WINNER.  First Time Screenwriter (Feature), International World Film Awards (New Jersey), 4/3/22

--AWARD WINNER.   Hollywood on the Tiber (Rome), 4/9/22

--AWARD OF EXCELLENCE, New York Los Angeles International Film Festival, 4/26/2022

--AWARD WINNER, Crown International FF, 4/29/22.

--AWARD WINNER, Accolade Global Film Competition, 5/27/22

--AWARD WINNER, Accolade Global Film Competition, Native American/Aboriginal Peoples, 5/27/22

--AWARD WINNER, Golden Giraffe International Film Festival (Nice, France), 7/6/22.

--HONORABLE MENTION, FEATURE SCRIPT, Hollywood Gold Awards, 7/8/22

--TOP AWARD WINNER NOMINEE, Richmond International Film Festival, 7/15/22

--AWARD WINNER.   Milan Gold Awards, 8/5/22

--HONORABLE MENTION, FEATURE SCRIPT, Madrid Short Film Festival 10/28/22

--HONORABLE NOMINEE.  Climax Critics Award.  11/10/22

--HONORABLE NOMINEE, LA Independent Film Channel Festival, 11/12/22

--AWARD WINNER.  Los Angeles Film and Script Festival, 11/31/22

--HONORABLE NOMINEE.  Filmhaus, Berlin.  11/24/22 (Best Feature Screenplay, Best Drama, Best Historical Drama, Best Action Drama}

--HONORABLE NOMINEE.  Tokyo International Monthly Film Festival, 11/29/22

--AWARD WINNER/BEST SCREENWRITER.  Into the Wild Festival.  1/21/23

--HONORABLE NOMINEE, Chicago Indie Film Awards, 1/28/23

--AWARD WINNER. Docs Without Borders Film Festival, 2/18/23

--HONORABLE MENTION.  London International Film Festival.  2/20/23

--AWARD WINNER, Europe International Film Festival, 2/27/23

--SECOND ROUND SELECTION, ISA Fast Track Fellowship, 3/17/23

--AWARD WINNER.  Sydney Film & Screenplay Festival, 3/23/23

--HONORABLE NOMINEE, California Indies Festival, 2/29/23

--AWARD WINNER, Pageant Film Festival, 4/2/23

--HONORABLE NOMINEE, Oakland Film Festival, 4/13/23

--HONORABLE NOMINEE, Magma Film Festival, 4/20/23

--AWARD WINNER/AWARD OF EXCELLENCE (Native Peoples), The IndieFEST Film Awards, 5/5/23

--AWARD WINNER, Pageant Film Festival, 5/4/23. 

--HONORABLE NOMINEE,  Art Film Spirit Awards, 5/22/23(Toronto)

--HONORABLE NOMINEE, Chicago Indie Film Awards, 6/5/23.

--AWARD WINNER, New York Screenwriting Award, 6/20/23.

--HONORABLE MENTION.  International Gold Awards (New York), 7/6/23

--AWARD WINNER, Los Angeles Cineverse Film Festival, 7/9/23.

--AWARD WINNER, Goldspire International Film Festival (Paris), 7/22/23

--AWARD WINNER, Frida Film Festival (Paris), 7/31/23

--AWARD WINNER, Lensfame International Film Festival, 8/1/23

--HONORABLE MENTION.  Mars International Film Festival, 8/13/23

--HONORABLE NOMINEE: BEST SCREENPLAY.  Cine Global Film Festival. 8/14/23

--HONORABLE NOMINEE.  Big Screen Blast Film Festival, 8/30/23

--HONORABLE NOMINEE.  PlanetCinema, 8/30/23

--AWARD WINNER, Red Moon Film Festival (NYC), 8/31/23.

--AWARD WINNER, Sweet Democracy Film Awards (Cannes), 8/31/23

-- HONORABLE MENTION, French International Modern Film and Script Festival, 9/5/23

--AWARD WINNER, Miami International Gold Awards (Best Original Screenplay), 9/5/23

--AWARD WINNER.  Big Screen Blast Film Festival (Best Feature Script), 9/6/23

--AWARD WINNER, Feature Script.  8 & Halfilm Awards (Rome), 9/16/23

--AWARD WINNER.  Stingray International Film Festival, 9/20/23

--HONORABLE MENTION, Berlin New Wave Film Festival, 9/26/23

--AWARD WINNER, BEST PERIOD DRAMA SCREENPLAY, Silicon Valley Beach Film Festival, 9/29/23

--HONORABLE NOMINEE.  Denver Movie Awards, 10/1/23

--AWARD WINNER, Filmtage Der Nationen (Germany) 10/9/23

--AWARD WINNER, Madrid International Movie Awards, 10/15/23

--AWARD WINNER, San Diego Independent Cinema Awards, 10/22/23

--HONORARY NOMINEE,  Ring of Fire Film Festival (Barcelona), 10/25/23

--AWARD WINNER, International Network Film Festival, (Italy) 10/25/23

--AWARD WINNER, Ring of Fire Film Festival (Barcelona), 10/26/23

--AWARD WINNER, New Filmmakers New Orleans, 10/25/23

--AWARD WINNER, Dhaka International Cultural Film Festival, 11/8/23

--HONORABLE NOMINEE, Denver Movie Awards, 11/9/23

--AWARD WINNER, WRPN (Delaware), Best Feature Script, 11/12/23

--AWARD WINNER, Odyssey Script and  Film Festival (Lisbon), 11/12/23

--AWARD WINNER, Miami Film Critic Awards, 11/12/23

--AWARD WINNER, Dhaka International Cultural Film Festival, 11/20/23

--SECOND ROUNDER, Launch Pad Feature Competition.   11/17/23

--AWARD WINNER, Dhaka International Cultural Film Festival, 11/20/23

--HONORABLE NOMINEE, Venus Community Awards (Turkey), 11/28/23

--AWARD WINNER, Spain International Film Festival, 11/28/23

--AWARD WINNER, Enjoy Film Festival (France), 11/30/23

--AWARD WINNER, Best International Motion Pictures (Edinburgh), 12/10/23

--AWARD WINNER, Mexico Film Festival Awards, 1/7/24

--AWARD WINNER, Wild Filmmaker Festival (Italy), 1/8/24

--AWARD WINNER, Hollywood Hype International Film Festival, 1/27/24

--HONORABLE MENTION, Canadian Independent Film Festival, 2/9/24

--AWARD WINNER,  Kick the Rules, 2/13/24

--AWARD WINNER,  No Country for Old Films, 2/28/24

--AWARD WINNER, Swiss Screenwriting and Cinematic Summit, 3/13/24

--AWARD WINNER, Manchester Film and Creativity Festival (Best Human Rights), 3/17/24

--AWARD WINNER, Venice Under the Stars, 4/2/24

--AWARD WINNER, San Francisco Independent Filmmakers’ Contest, 4/4/24

--AWARD WINNER, International Academy Arthouse Festival (Spain), 4/4/24

--AWARD WINNER, Best American Screenplay and Best Original Feature Script, The Dreamers Film Festival (Sweden), 4/6/24

--AWARD WINNER, Yeti Film Festival  (Iceland), 4/9/24

--AWARD WINNER, David Film Festival (Italy), 4/22/24

--currently NOMINEE, FrameFushion International Film Festival, 4/25/24

--AWARD WINNER, Tabriz Cinema Awards (Iran), 5/23/24

--HONORABLE NOMINEE, F A R O Concurso de Cinema Mediterraneo e Mundial (Spain+), 5/31/24

--AWARD WINNER, Best Feature, Indie Producer of the Year 2024, Wild Filmmaker, 6/19/24





Wiki Screenplay Contest, 2021
The Wiki Screenplay Contest, 2021
Golden Fox Award, 2021
Lonely Seal International Screenplay and Music Festival, 2020. Also CANNES FILM FESTIVAL.
All-Genre Screenplay Contes, 2017
In both the Best Action/Adventure and Global Script Challenge of the 2018 Oaxaca FilmFest.
Filmmatic “Pitch Now” screenplay competition, 2019
Australasia's Film Festival of Time, 2020
Beyond the Curve International Film Festival, 2020
Film Lot, 2020

--FINALIST, 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival, 2021.

--FINALIST, New York Tri-State International Film Festival, 2021.

--FINALIST,  Swedish Internatiional Film Festival, 2021

--FINALIST, New York Tri-State International Film Festival, 2021.

--FINALIST, Beverley Hills Film Festival, 2021

--FINALIST, Toronto Indie Filmakers Festival, 2021

--FINALIST, World Film Carnival, Singapore 12/23/ 2021

--FINALIST, Los Angeles Movie Awards, 1/4/22

-- FINALIST, Delta International Film Festival, 2/7/22

-- FINALIST, Niagara Falls Internationational Short Festival, 2/28/22

--FINALIST, Indiefare International Film Festival, 3/2/22

- FINALIST, Catalina Film Festival, 7/21/22

--FINALIST, Bright International Film Festival, 12/15/22

GRAND FINALIST, Australasian International Film Festival, 1/1/23

-FINALIST. Santa Barbara Screenplay Awards Diverse Writers Outreach. 1/10.23

--FINALIST, Golden State Film Festival, 2/20/23

--FINALIST, Portland Screenplay Awards, 6/9/23

--FIRST ROUND PRELIMINARY FINALIST (ACTION ADVENTURE), 2023. Creative World Awards Screenwriting Competition, 6/9/23 (Marina del Rey)

--FINALIST, Elegant International Film Festival, 7/15/23.

--FINALIST. Brisbane International Film Union.  8/8/23

--FINALIST, Calcutta Heritage Film Awards, 813/23

--FINALIST, Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards Diversity Initiative, 10/19/22

--FINALIST, American Dreamscape (Salt Lake City), 11/2/23

--FINALIST, American Screenwriters Conference (Sacramento Film Awards), 10/30/23

--FINALIST, Cambridge Script Festival, 1/23/24

--FINALIST, Swedish Academy of Motion Picture Awards, 1/25/24

--FINALIST, Scriptmatix, In., 3/19,24

--FINALIST, LA International Script Competition, 6/2/24

--FINALIST, Nantucket Film Festival-Tony Cox Screenplay Competotion, 6/3/24




Page Turner International Festival, 2020
Sirota FinishLine Social Impact, 2020
Tirota_Finish Line Social Impact Script Competition. 2020
Fade In Awards-True Story/Biopic. 2020

Mindfield Film Festival. 2020

Evolution Mallorca International  Film Festival, 2021.

--SEMI-FINALIST, Pitch Now Screenwriting Competition, Filmmatic, 1/14/22

--Dallas Movie Awards Festival, 1/19/22

--SEMI-FINALIST, Austin Arthouse International Festival, 2/13/22

--SEMI-FINALIST, New Short Filmmakers Austin, 3/1/22

--SEMI-FINALIST, Madrid Arthouse Film Festival, 3/1/22

--SEMI-FINALIST, New York International Screenplay Awards, 4/20/22

--SEMI-FINALIST, Seattle Movie Awards, 7/9/22

--SEMI-FINALIST, Vancouver Movie Awards, 9/10/22

--SEMI-FINALIST Calgary independent Film Festival, 11/19/22

---SEMI-FINALIST.  International Cosmopolitan Film Festival of Tokyo, 12/8/22

--SEMI-FINALIST, Sacramento Independent Film Festival, 3/1/23

--currently SEMI-FINALIST.  San Jose Independent Film Festival, 4/2/23.

--Currently SEMI-FINALIST, Santa Monica Film Awards, 4/5/23

--Currently SEMI-FINALIST, Santa Cruz Film Awards, 4/9/23

--SEMIFINALIST in the Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards. 4/11/23.

-- SEMIFINALIST, Austin International Art Festival, 4/18/23

-- SEMIFINALIST, Santa Fe Independent Film Festival, 4/29/23

--SEMI-FINALIST, Sensei FilmFest, 6/1/23

--SEMI-FINALIST, Scriptmatix Fellowship, 6/1/23

--SEMIFINALIST, San Diego International Film Awards, 6/3/23

--SEMIFINALIST, Cinesis Independent FilmFest, 7/7/23.

--SEMIFINALIST.  Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards (Winter 2022-34) 8/16/23

--SEMIFINALIST.  San Francisco Arthouse Short Festival, 7/14/2023

--SEMIFINALIST, Santa Ana Independent Film Awards (USA), 6/31/23

--SEMI-FINALIST.  Paris International Short Festival.  9/12/23

--SEMIFINALIST,  Hollywood International Golden age Festival (New York), 9/17/23

--SEMI-FINALIST, New Orleans International Film Awards, 9/18/23

--SEMI-FINALIST, Washington Film Awards, 10/7/23

-SEMIFINALIST, Rio de Janerio World Film Festival, 10/15,23

--SEMI-FINALIST, Scriptmatix Fellowship, 10/25/23

--SEMIFINALIST, L.A. Indies, 10/30/23

--SEMIFINALIST, Munich Short Film Awards, 11/10/23

--UPGRADED TO SEMIFINALIST, Atlanta Movie Awards, 11/19/23

--SEMIFINALIST, Rio de Janeiro World Film Festival, 11/19/23

--UPGRADED TO SEMIFINALIST, Atlanta Movie Awards, 11/19/23

--SEMIFINALIST, 17th Annual StoryPros International, 12/2/23

--SEMIFINALIST in Shore Scripts Feature Screenplay Contest, 12/5/23

--SEMIFINALIST, 17th Annual StoryPros International Screenplay Contest, 12/2/23

--SEMIFINALIST in Shore Scripts Feature Screenplay Contest, 12/5/23

--SEMIFINALIST, Dublin Movie Awards, 12/10/23

--SEMIFINALIST in Inroads Fellowship, 5/15/24

--SEMIFINALIST, Edinburgh Film Awards, 6/11/24






Miami Film Festival, 2021
Your Script Produced, 2021

Reno and Tahoe Film Festival, 2021

-- Rio de Janeiro World Film Festival, 3/20/22

--Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship, 4/15/22

--San Francisco International Screenwriting Competition. 12/8/22

--Filmmatic Drama Screenplay Awards (Season 7), 7/15/22

--Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards-Diversity Initiative, 9/15/23

--Southern California Screenplay Competition, 1/10/24

--QUARTER FINALIST, Creative Screenwriting Unique Voices, Screenplay Competition, 2/1/24

-- QUARTERFINALIST, Outstanding Screenplays, 2/26/24

--QUARTERFINALIST, Amsterdam World Canvas Film Festival, 3/21/24

--currently QUARTERFINALIST, Creative World Award, 4/24/24

--QUARTER-FINALIS, Richmond International Film Festival Screenplay Competition, 6/14/24





--OFFICIAL SELECTION.  Open Window International  Film Challenge, 2021.

--OFFICIAL SELECTION.  Pinnacle Film Awards, 2021.

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Austin Revolution Festival, 10/20/21

--OFFICIAL SELECTION.  New Wave Film Festival, 12/2/2021

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Fox International Film Festival, 12/5/2021.

--OFFICIAL SELECTION  LA Sun Film Fest, 12/15/21.

----OFFICIAL SELECTION.  Festival de Largos y Cortos de Santiago, Chile. 2/19/22

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Stockholm Gold Awards, 6/6/22

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Red Movie Award (Reims, France), 5/7/22

--OFFICIAL SELECTION.   Concepcion Independente, 7/26/22

--OFFICIAL SELECTION.   World Cine Fest, 8/2/22

--OFFICIAL SELECTION.  Shockfest Film Festival, 11/7/22.

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Paris World Cinema Festival, 3/3//23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Toronto Film & Script Awards , 3/18/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Film Language IFF, 4/3/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Inspirational Film Festival, 4/4/23

OFFICIAL SELECTION, Sofia International Film Festival, 5/13/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION.  Burbank International Film Festival, 5/26/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Marina del Rey Film Festival, 6/6/23.

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, International Film and Script Festival Lotus (Athens), 6/3/23.

--OFFICIAL SELECTION.  Hollywood Discovery Awards, 6/27/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, The Magic of Cinema (Barcelona), 7/6/23.

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Pageant Film Festival, 7/7/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Frida Film Festival (Paris), 7/26/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION.  Cine Global Festival 8/3/24.

--OFFICIAL SELECTION.  Barcelona Indie Awards, 8/8/24.

--OFFICIAL SELECTION.  Big Screen Blast Film Festival, 8/10/24.

--OFFICIAL SELECTION.  New Wave International  Script and Film Festival, 8/16/24.

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Sweet Democracy Film Awards (Cannes), 8/22/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION.  Black Owl, 9/6/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION.  Vancouver Independent-International Film Festival. 9/6/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION.  Silicon Beach Film Festival. 9/6/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Redwood Film Festival, 9/26/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Make Art Not Fear (Portugal) 10/4/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Brazil International Film Festival, 10/25/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, WRPN.TV Short, Tight and Loose Global Film Festival (Delaware), 11/1/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Spain International Film Festival, 11/3/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Dhaka International Cultural Film Festival, 11/3/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Sacramento International Film Festival, 10/6/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION.  Festival de cine, Mexico, 11/15/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Mexico Film Festival Awards, 11/30/23

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Chicago Script Awards, 1/25/24

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, International Short Cinema Festival (Korea), 2/2/24

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Beyond the Screen Festival (Antwerp), 2/19/24

--AWARD WINNER, the Pinx Film Festival (India), 3/1/24.  Best script writer.

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Amsterdam World Canvas Film Festival, 2/28/24

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Canadian Independent Film Festival (CIFF), 2/13/24

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Redwood Film Festival, 2/20/24

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, International Academy Arthouse Festival (Italy), 3/27/24

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, City of Arts Film Festival (Madrid), 3/28/24

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Canadian Independent Film  Festival, 4/23/24

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Palma Film Festival, 4/18/24.

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, Rome Prisma Film Awards, 6/6/24

--OFFICIAL SELECTION, indo Dubai International Film Festival, 6/12/24





Serra learns that Paco will return to the "heathen" Chumash for their Big Time.  Paco will go alone.  Serra must remain behind.  He is enraged.

Serra pushes his face into Palido's.

SERRA:  Are you one of God’s ministers on earth?  No!  A man of the cloth ordained by the Pope?  No!  

CRESPI:  Padre, please!

SERRA:  You are nothing but an ignorant, common, unbaptized Indian scout whose mother . . .

PALIDO:  Say it!  Whose mother was an unbaptized savage, a whore whose soul burns in the everlasting flames of your Christian Hell.  Eternal damnation!  Say it!   Remind me that no matter how much the neophytes study the scriptures, how many times they fall on their knees and pray, how many ‘Hail Marys,’ they say, how many times they confess and beg forgiveness, for you the heathen is here, inside--always!